Building and Construction Lawyer job in New-zealand at Lane Neave Lawyers

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Employer - Lane Neave Lawyers
Job title - Building and Construction Lawyer
Job Description

Required Qualifications: Undergraduate Law Degree
Admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand
Position Summary: Senior Associates will be expected to work independently and provide
guidance and leadership to junior staff
Primary Job Objective: To complete all chargeable work in a timely, competent and professional
manner. Initially most of the work will be delegated by their Supervising
Partner. However, there is an expectation that Senior Associates build their
own practice and generate most of their own work
Key Relationships: Internal - Lane Neave Administration Team (General Manager, HR
Manager, ICT Manager, Facilities & Support Manager, Knowledge Manager,
Communications Manager), Chairman, Partners, solicitors, support staff
External - Clients, Potential Clients, Suppliers, other lawyers and Law Firms,
Accountants, Industry Associations, Regulatory Authorities, Registrar for
Courts, Tribunals, Councils, Mediators, Arbitrators, Courts
Key Skills: Communication - convey information in both verbal and written formats as
appropriate for the needs of the target audience
Interpersonal - develop a rapport with others and form working
relationships both internally and externally
Critical thinking - using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and
weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
Complex problem solving - identifying complex problems and reviewing
related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
Self management - ability to work independently and under pressure
whilst meeting deadlines
Leadership - influence, supervise, direct and motivate others to achieve a
recognised objective
Teamwork - ability to be a constructive and open team member
Key Duties & Responsibilities: Senior Associates will be expected to increase their profile in their specialist
area(s) whilst continuing their legal education.
: Produce well researched and analysed legal opinions on a range of issues
from medium to high complexity.
: Senior Associates must demonstrate the ability to:
a. thoroughly research all relevant material and sources of information;
b. apply and interpret the search results;
c. consider alternative options;
d. recommend clear alternatives and solutions; and
e. use appropriate precedents.
: Senior Associates will be required to prepare articles, newsletters and
present seminars for clients.
: Senior Associates will also be required to identify, develop and execute
marketing strategies for new and existing business opportunities (recorded
on timesheets and in raised fees).

: Senior Associates must demonstrate an ability to:
a. meet deadlines;
b. draft well structured and accurate correspondence and documents;
c. record time and bill appropriately in Affinity;
d. keep file recording up to date;
e. demonstrate ability to prioritise;
f. keep delegates and clients informed of progress; and
g. understand the business environment in which they are operating.
: Senior Associates must achieve the required financial KPI’s:
a. a minimum of 5.5 chargeable hours per day;
b. achieve budget; and
c. ensuring debt procedures are followed with an aim to collecting all debt
in a timely manner.
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Job Location New-zealand
Date Posted 05 Mar 2020
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