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Employer - Keetrax
Job Description

Headquarters: Remote
Must be located: In either, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or similar timezone to New Zealand.
As a Keetrax Graphic & Digital Designer, you’ll be working on a wide range of projects for clients all around the world. From logos to EDM campaigns, website banners to print adverts. From packaging to social media assets.
Keetrax aims at growing established ecommerce companies and our work is always changing and never boring: one day you may be designing an EDM for a pet store, while the next you may be working out the conference banners for an adventure travel company.
The work is fully remote and hours are flexible. You will be working alongside our talented team to ensure we are always delighting our client’s future customers.

What you will be working on:
Designing EDMs based on a written brief, or sometimes just a list of deals
Setting up and sending EDMs in Mailchimp
Designing website banners and other assets, and uploading them to various different platforms
Designing social media assets and creating posts on to Facebook / Instagram
Designing for digital adverts (Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads)
Designing print adverts from concept to execution
Incidental design work, like logos, packaging designs and ebooks Role & Responsibilities
Expert Adobe Creative Suite skills – Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign
Mailchimp experience
An eye for detail and accuracy – because we are remote we expect little back-and-forth; you need to be able to deliver final assets consistently
Technical skills – i.e. being able to quickly pick up new tools
Understand the client’s vision and deliver on their objectives
Good communication skills – you will be working remotely so you need to be able to ask questions clearly and quickly understand project briefs with limited interaction
Work remotely with flexible hours – New Zealand time zone prefered
Meet deadlines consistently
We are looking for a graphic/digital designer to join us as a full time contractor. You will be working remotely and independently. To help manage the load, we use a wide range of tools to track time and manage tasks. What we value:
Caring – We work hard to make our clients business grow because we care for them. This job is not for somebody that just wants to clock in and out. We expect you to care for the impact that your work will have.
Lifestyle – We believe that having strong personal interests will make you perform better professionally and creatively. You will have flexible hours, and sometimes life must be able to borrow some from work.
Being Proactive – Working remotely means that we may not be able to ‘jam’ together, so being proactive and providing input on a regular basis is a key part of our team.
Staying Positive – We all have bad days and make mistakes. How you deal with this is important: we value finding the positive angle in everything. For example, if a client doesn’t like particular design, we expect you to take this as an opportunity to come up with something different.
Openness – We care for you too, and there is nothing you can go wrong that will get worse if you bring it up and discuss this. We need to be able trust you to always be open about how the work is going – when it goes well, as well as when you run into roadblocks.
Bonus Skills Or Other Interests
If you have Facebook Advertising, Google Ad experience
If you have WordPress, WooCommerce and/or Neto experience (in design, working w

Location - New-zealand
Date Posted - 16 Jul 2019
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